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The Studio @ MMNY Booking Form

The Studio @ MMNY is our flagship room and serves a wide variety. Help us be prepared for your session by letting us know your setup before you arrive!

Yes, please provide me with an engineer (additional $75/hr, minimum of 2 hours to book an engineer)
Yes, I will bring my own engineer (needs to know Midas M32 Live audio console)
No, my setup is basic
I'm not sure, please help me


Thank You!

Your rehearsal request has been sent.
An associate of Music Makers NY will be in touch shortly.


All of our studios come with lights, PAs, monitors, air conditioning, keyboards, audio board, and vocal mics turned on and ready to go. Bands with complex setups will need to include additional time for setup/teardown in their booking and/or hire a dedicated live sound engineer to work the board during the session.

Studio Information

Accommodates up to 20 people.
- Midas M32 Live 40 Channel Digital Mixer
- T.C. Electronic M350 Effect Processor
- Behringer racktuner
- dbx 215s graphic EQ
- AB International Model 215 graphic EQ
- dbx 232s graphic EQ, QSC GX3 power amp
- QSC RMX 1450, Ramsa WP1400 power amp
- Yamaha P2250 power amp
- Mackie Mackie M1400i FR Series power amp
- 6 Electro Voice main monitors
- PAS floor monitor
- Peavey floor monitor
- Electro Voice floor monitor for keys
- Ramsa floor monitor for drums

Guitar Amps:
- Fender Twin Reverb amp
- Fender Pro Reverb amp
- Bogner Shiva loudspeaker and head combo
- Fender Tremolux amp
- Marshall loudspeaker and JCM 900 head
- Hartke 4.5 Bass Module XL Series

Bass Amps:  
- Fender Bassman Ten amp
- Epiphani cabs with Ampeg SVT-3 Pro bass amp

- Kurzweil SP6
- Roland Juno DI
- Bergmann upright piano

- Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 piece kit with Sabian cymbals

All gear subject to change.