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Corporate Music Programs

Bring your team together with Arts-Based Team-Building Programs!

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What We Do

Have you ever thought about joining a band? With more than 20 years of experience creating and developing unique, arts-based programs for corporate clients, Music Makers will allow your employees to engage in the positive experience of learning music, playing an instrument, singing or being in a band while having fun and creating a better working environment.

From group piano and guitar lessons to leading your company rock band (no experience required!), our corporate programs are perfect for team building and fostering positive company culture.

Past Clients

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What We Offer | Pricing

Intro to Guitar

This course is designed for 5 - 12 students to explore the guitar as one of the most popular instruments used worldwide and get participants involved with the fundamentals of playing and understanding this great instrument. Our practical method and refined selection of the materials (songs) will allow participants to get started in playing actual songs by the end of their first lesson.

This course will cover the following areas:
1. Parts of Guitar
2. Tuning the Guitar
3. Preparing to Play – Ex. Holding the Guitar, Holding the Pick, Strumming, Etc.
4. Basic Picking
5. Open Strings and Fretted Notes
6. Major Chords and Minor Chords (Aka “Cowboy Chords”)
7. Songs to Play Along With Using above Information
8. Guitars will be provided during course instruction
9. Guitars for home practice will be available for rental

Whether participants want to learn how to play tunes they like, accompany themselves or a singer, or perhaps play in a band, this course would be ideal for having a complete and authentic experience of exploring the guitar as a friendly and useful instrument in making music.

Pricing: $625 per 1-hour class | $5000 per 8-week cycle
There is a one-time setup fee before the start of the first class that covers the time and transportation of all the necessary equipment to the space in which the programs are being held.

Intro to Piano

The goal of this course is to introduce people to the keyboard as one of the most versatile instruments ever created and provide the participants with the necessary skills to start playing it from a practical approach. Our customized method of teaching is designed to deliver the tools to play virtually any song within contemporary pop music, just by reading simple chord charts.

This course will cover the following areas:
1. The notes of the keyboard
2. Basic notation reading and fingering technique
3. The major scale
4. Intervals
5. Building major and minor chords
6. Following a chord chart
7. Chord inversions
8. Identifying/counting beats per measure

We will apply our lessons to playing actual songs, attempting increasingly sophisticated chord sequences as we progress. This “Chord Method” of learning keyboard is designed to give participants the ability to play all styles of popular music, while bypassing years of formal piano training.

Pricing: $625 per 1-hour class | $5000 per 8-week cycle
​There is a one-time setup fee before the start of the first class that covers the time and transportation of all the necessary equipment to the space in which the programs are being held.

The Vocal Experience

The syllabus for our group vocal lessons is built around the needs of the students. Whether you want to take vocal lessons so you can sing with a band, or just to improve your speaking voice for your job (public speaking), our knowledgeable and patient teachers will guide you in a safe, fun, and professional environment.

In this class you will learn to:
1. Sing with consistent and accurate intonation
2. Develop coordinated breath support to help stamina and increase control
3. Demonstrate a free-tone quality with minimum tension
4. Establish beneficial practice habits to help growth and development
5. Take care of your voice
6. Use simple melodic embellishment
 7. Sing in harmony
During each session we will spend the first half of the class on technique, which covers the diaphragm and all its glory. We will discover where the diaphragm really is, how we identify if we are, in fact, using it, and finally we’ll look at how to strengthen the diaphragm so that it becomes our “go-to” during all voice production.

Pricing: $625 per 1 hour class | $5000 per 8 week cycle
​There is a one-time setup fee before the start of the first class that covers the time and transportation of all the necessary equipment to the space in which the programs are being held.

Rock Band Bootcamp: Ensemble Group

This course is designed to explore the fundamentals of playing along with other people and instruments, learning how to make music together as a team. The experience will be similar to being in a band or small orchestra in a safe, non-judgmental environment of learning and having fun through musical group dynamics specially created for this class.
The goal of this course is to create an opportunity to practice the values of cooperation and teamwork using the music band setting as a tool, which provides a fun, interpersonal experience that creates cohesion in groups and strengthens human relations.

This course will cover the following areas:
1. Fundamentals of playing in a band: Roles of each instrument.
2. Learning how to follow the leader’s indications.
3. Learning rhythmic basics such as counting beats and measures.
4. Music dynamics (soft-loud).
5. Adjusting the Volume and creating balance within the band.
6. How to communicate ideas amongst band members.
7. Practical application of musical materials (songs) within a group context.
8. Piano players will learn how to use various effects commonly played by a keyboard
player such as: Strings, Organ and Horns in order to create cool textures within the
9. Guitar players will learn how to keep the band grooving through the use of rhythm
guitar techniques. In addition, they will learn to use the guitar as a lead instrument.
10. Vocal participants will learn to sing within a “choral” setting and learn the different possibilities of singing with others. Also, some of the vocal participants will be encouraged to become part of the rhythm section by learning how to play simple percussion
instruments such as shakers, tambourine, or Cajon.

Pricing: $625 per 1.5-hour class | $5000 per 8-week cycle
​There is a one-time setup fee before the start of the first class that covers the time and transportation of all the necessary equipment to the space in which the programs are being held.

Performance Opportunities

After experiencing playing songs with other people, most people love the idea of closing the experience with a showcase of their learning progress. For this reason, we offer students the opportunity to participate in a final performance in a friendly environment and appropriate space. Live performances could be produced right in the facility spaces of your company, in our state-of-the-art professional studio showcase room, or even at legendary NYC music clubs where the most exciting and electrifying ambiance is generated, creating the most memorable social experience, not only for the students sharing the fruits of their musical journey but also for the society of supporters that will bear witness to the event. Being in the music business for more than 20 years, Music Makers also has an established reputation and expertise in producing events, having done over 500 shows at some of the most famous NYC music clubs and stages. We look forward to introducing our special and unique music experience to you and the people in your company.

At your facility (up to 150 people) - $2000
At our facility (up to 20 people plus Livestream) - $2000
At NYC Music Club (Club Capacity Limits) - $1000 plus applicable door fees.

Instrument Rentals

We offer our students only the best gear, guaranteed to be in perfect playing condition! Instruments are already included in our course prices, the rentals are for students to practice at home.

Guitars with case and tuner - $100 per student (8-week rental)
Keyboards with case, sustain pedal, and music stand - $120 per student (8-week rental)

One of our teachers, Baden Goyo, teaching Spotify developers guitar classes

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For price quotes, and to book our services or customize your own company music program, contact us at musicmakersnewyork@gmail.com or 212-967-6124

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