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Studio A - Non-Alcoholic Campus Facility

Room Size
10 people
Monday-Friday Rates
Starting at 6:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday
Special Welcome Rates
11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Studio A - Non-Alcoholic Campus Facility Accommodates 10 people.

Size: 18x31                                
                                    Please inform all band members and guests of this policy.
                                                             Strictly Enforced

PA: Mackie 12 channel PA w/JBL speakers

Guitar Amps:
- Rastop RDM09-212C Custom Tube Amp combo

- Fender Bassman Ten combo 4x10
- Rastop RDM07 Custom Tube Amp combo
- Bogner Shiva Head w/Bogner 4x12 slant cab
- Roland JC 120
- Fender Bandmaster Reverb Head w/Fender cab
- Orange AD30 Twin Channel w/Marshall Cab

Bass Amp: Hartke Head w/cab
Keyboards: Yamaha Motif X58
Drums: Sonor 5 piece drums w/Sabian cymbals

All gear subject to change.


Studio Room Size

Monday - Friday
At 6:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday
Special Weekend Rates
11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Studio 1 - Non-Alcoholic Campus Facility 15x12
6 to 7 people
$45/hr $25/hr
Studio 5 - Non-Alcoholic Campus Facility 10x12
(4 people no keys or 5 people w/keys)

Studio 6 - Non Alcoholic Campus Facility 22x13
8 to 10 people
$50/hr $25/hr
Studio 8 - Non-Alcoholic Campus Facility 11x12
5 people
$35/hr $25/hr
Studio 9 - Non-Alcoholic Campus Facility 11x15
5 people no keys or 6 people w/keys
$40/hr $25/hr
Studio A - Non-Alcoholic Campus Facility 18x31
10 people
$60/hr $30/hr